multiple freezing / password dialogs while using DB


I'm evaluating PyCharm Professional and decided to fiddle with DB connections today (oracle ones). I noticed a lot of freezing and asking for DB password multiple times even though I chose to remember the password forever. Any idea how to get rid of the freezes / password dialogs? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I understand that PyCharm freezes because it queries DBs for objects for intelli sense (or just to populate the tree with tables), but it should be done in the background, not in the main UI process that freezes everything.

Here's how it looked:

  • I create new DB Connection (oracle)
  • I populate fields: name, host, sid, user, password
  • All other fields are default (including listbox to remember password "forever")
  • I press OK and pycharm freezes for about a minute (I can't click anything, nor write code).
  • I see that I don't have the schema I wanted, so I click writing near DB connection name which says "2 of 38" and add new schema to display
  • New schema appears in tree, I expand it but it doesn't contain any children yet
  • I try to write some sql but after several seconds pycharm freezes for a minute again and then displays dialog window asking me for password. The dialog box says exactly "The specified database user/password combination is rejected: [72000][1005] ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied"
  • Why it asks for password when I already provided it (and default option is to remember it forever)?
  • I provide the password again and now the new schema (in the tree object) is almost instantly populated
  • I write simple sql "select * from TABLE". In other tools I get first rows from this table in a second but in pycharm I'm waiting for 2 minutes and nothing happens - it seems like it still tries to execute the query and then freezes again.
  • Then it displays dialog box asking for password again, so I provide it for the 3'rd time.
  • It starts to work, I write few simple select queries and I see first rows instantly
  • I click button "Data Source properties" it shows me dialog, I don't want to change anything so I click "Cancel"
  • Then it freezes again for a minute after then it asks me for password 4'th time...
  • and so on... all the loooong freezes alongside password dialogs

Any way to fix it? Thank you.


PyCharm: 2019.2.2m Build  #PY-192.6603.34
OS: Linux Mint x64 Cinnamon

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For password saving issue, you can comment in this issue:

As for the performance issue, I would suggest to gather snapshots according to and submit a performance issue to


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