Where did the bookmarks go?

I used a tip from this forum to copy over my existing bookmarks to a new project with the same framework by copying the .idea/workspace.xml file.

This worked great, then i went to roll them into another project and ....there're not there anymore, they must be kept in some binary format now, not xml?

Is this trick no longer possible?




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Since 2019.2, most part of the workspace settings is no longer stored in project ./idea/workspace.xml file. Now, you may find these in IDE /config/workspace directory. There is a bunch of XML files, each of those represents a specific project and has a name like "1RFJ8kd3rUM8ZxxF3awwDnKAyL0.xml".

The name is generated after the project ID that you may find in project ./idea/workspace.xml, f.e.:

<component name="ProjectId" id="1RFJ8kd3rUM8ZxxF3awwDnKAyL0" />

How to find IDE config directory:



Sorry for a little bit complicated explanation but I hope it helps.

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Thanks, Found it.


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