PyCharm - can't get visual guides to show

Hi... I'm using PyCharm 2019.2.2 (Pro), and trying to set visual guides for 82 and 89 characters. Despite having Editor > Code Style >  Visual Guides configured...

... as well as Editor > Code Style > Python > Visual Guides...

... nothing is showing. I've altered the colour for the guides to contrast with the background (I'm using Nord), and they appear OK in the preview, as below:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is becoming very frustrating!



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Here's a similar issue

And I suspect you may be running into this one:

Please check.

If that's not helping, check if you have EditorConfig plugin enabled and try to disable that. Let me know.

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Hi Andrey,

Thank you - the problem, as suggested in the queries you linked to, was that the Hard Wrap guide was disabled. I hadn’t imagined that I would need it to be active before the Visual Guides would show (I’m not really interested in seeing the Hard Wrap guide, but so be it if it’s required for the Visual Guides).

Thanks again,


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Yes, I understand this might be not ideal from the usability perspective. Please vote for this issue:

(I just did because I agree)


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