Incorrect continuation indent for single line assignment

With a long assignment e.g that goes over the max line limit.

this_is_a_long_variable = (long_x == long_y)


We get the following formatted code

this_is_a_long_variable = (
               long_x == long_y)

Where the indent before long_x is of the size of the continuation indent rather than the normal indent. 
This can be solved by settingn the continuation indent to the normal indent but is not ideal

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If you're talking about reaching your hard wrap limit, then it indented with continuation indent. Is not not how it should be?

Please provide your hard wrap and indentation settings and the exact steps to reproduce the issue if you thing this is indeed an issue.

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Unfortunately this results in a violation of PEP8 E126 when the continuation is not set to 4 spaces.

In my current project we have been using continuation indent of 8 and a standard indent of 4. 


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