method not found in trait


IDE can't find method while it's in the very same file. The highlighting really bothers me. How do I "trick" it? Any phpdoc syntax to force the IDE to understand it has to find it right below?


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Hi there,

Well .. you are calling validateCascadingSoftDelete on a $model parameter .. but not stating what type that parameter is (anywhere). So yes -- that's expected behaviour here.

If that is a method from the same trait .. then $model can be typehinted with $this type (or use trait's name instead) .. so try this first: place the following  before first usage of $model:

/** @var $this $model */
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I can't typehint. I'd need to implement an interface.

That did the trick for PhpStorm though. Cheers!


/** @var CascadeSoftDeletes $model */


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Yes, by typehint here I meant the PHPDoc comment and not a native PHP parameter typehint (as I do understand how such kind of trait may be used with Models (some models can have it, some do not etc)).

I had a suspicion that $this may not work in such place hence the suggestion to try a trait's name instead.

Glad that inline PHPDoc worked.


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