Where does 2019.3 plugin manager look for plugins? Getting is incompatible in log but plugin is working.

I am getting this in the log for my snapshot build and in the log of debug session for the plugin:


2019-09-30 22:47:16,860 [ 8156] WARN - com.intellij.util.xmlb.Binding - no accessors for class org.jetbrains.kotlin.idea.highlighter.KotlinDefaultHighlightingSettingsProvider 
2019-09-30 22:47:23,500 [ 14796] WARN - llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - Plugin "Markdown Navigator" is incompatible (until build 191.SNAPSHOT < IC-193.3793.16)
2019-09-30 22:47:53,856 [ 45152] WARN - ConfigurableExtensionPointUtil - ignore deprecated groupId: language for id: preferences.language.Kotlin.scripting
2019-09-30 22:47:54,832 [ 46128] WARN - llij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - Plugin "Markdown Navigator" is incompatible (until build 191.SNAPSHOT < IC-193.3793.16)

The plugin is working, has the right min build with no max build. This definitely is not coming from the installed plugin or one being debugged.

Note that there are two messages in the log for my plugin.

Where is plugin manager keeping a cached list of plugins? I would like to update it or remove it.


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Yann, I missed your reply on this issue and for some reason the forum profile activity only shows this thread in "Following" but not requests or activity.

When I update a plugin build, I run a batch script to update the plugin in all the installed IDEs and versions in ~/Library/Application Support/... by expanding the zip, the way the IDE does or just copying the jar for simple plugins.

I also unzip the jar to have classes and META-INF directories to the active sandbox for the dev environment.

This used to work fine before the plugin manager changes. Now it sort of works but after updating the plugins with the script, I need to do an install plugin from disk in all open IDEs. Otherwise, file indexes can get really messed up after startup. Not all indexes. The first opened project is fine. Projects opened after the first may have their index data corrupted showing red for identifiers and imports for files in the project. When this happens invalidate indexes and restart is the only way to recover.

Since re-indexing take much longer than manually installing plugin from disk, I follow up with manual install in the open IDE.

I would love to not have to do it by clearing the plugin cache data in the script, but without clearing index data. I try to avoid re-indexing unless absolutely necessary.



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