Weird/Annoying behavior in Pycharm editor, typed characters dissapear

I have been using PyCharm in Linux for several years now and this behavior is relatively recent.  Since the last update (PyCharm 2019.2) I have experienced an issue where by when I type in certain letters, they instantly disapear and the cursor backs up one space.  It seems to happen with vowels mostly but some consonants as well.  I suspect I have some specific input mode(?) or editor plugin enabled, but I have looked and I cannot find any setting or plugin that seems to be responsible.  I am hoping that someone can enlighten me as to what maybe causing this.  It makes it impossible to be productive when creating python code.

Example:  I want to type in the line "with open("somefile.txt", "rw") as inputfile:"

Results:   Type 'w'. w appears in the editor.  Type 'i'.  i appears then immediately disappears and the cursor backs up a space!  If I type the same character twice in row it will stay, but then it happens two or three characters later.

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