Newbie trying to move away from Notepad++ to PyCharm, BitBucket and run on remote host.

This is going to be a very general post, as I'm really not sure where to start. I appreciate any pointers that I receive!

I have been coding in Python for a while using Notepad++ and the NppFTP plug in, directly editing my files on our remote host. This has been very easy, but doesn't provide much in the way of protection or project handling. I would like to move to PyCharm, using BitBucket as a code repository, with the ability to push my code to the remote host easily.

I've installed PyCharm and the BitBucket Linky plugin. My local projects are stored on my Windows PC at C:\Users\Steve\PyCharm. To transfer files to my remote host (named  I use FTP to /scripts/.

Using a simple "Hello World" script, can someone detail how I would accomplish the following? Create the PyCharm project for Python 3.7, export it to BitBucket, and publish it to the host in the /scripts/myScript directory.

Also, if I have one project that relies on modules created in a second project, how can I reference the second project so that the imports work in the first project?


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