Valgrind Preview Editor not showing in C++ projects

I've configured both the WSL toolchain and Valgrind and it seems to be working correctly except for the thing that there is no Valgrind Preview Editor in C++ projects, there's only Frame Information. In C projects everything works fine, there's both Frame Information and Preview Editor. How can I get the Preview Editor to work?

CLion version 2019.2.3

Build number CL-, built on October 6, 2019

WSL Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

Cmake version 3.14.7

Valgrind version 3.15.0

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Do you have any compiler options specified in the CMakeLists.txt of your C++ project?

Please go to Settings | Build Deployment | Execution | Valgrind and add --track-origins=yes to analysis options. Does it help?

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Such option is already added. Now there's another problem, every time I open CLion I get about 10 notifications saying that "Remote host identification has changed" and "Connection cannot be established" while I'm 100% sure the username, host and password specified in Build | Toolchains | Remote Credentials are correct and I'm able to connect to the host with the WSL terminal. It has already been working a few days ago with exactly the same settings.


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