Is there value in JetBrains products

If this isn't the right place for this please let me know.

I've been using JetBrains products off and on for a 8+ years. I love resharper. However, using Webstorm is an incredibly frustrating experience. I'm trying to understand if there is any value in this product instead of using VS Code. 

Here are my problems (if you can help then I would love to love WebStorm):

1. The Key mappings seem to be different in every product. In order to use the same key mappings as R#, I have to install a separate plugin instead of JetBrains just providing this. I don't get it. I do understand that R# has to fit within MS VS current mappings, but why can't JetBrains be bothered to have a key mapping for every one of their products that are mapped the same as R#. I decided to keep with the Default for Windows keymap. I'm really trying to give JetBrains the win here.

2. I try to apply a Rename for a variable in JS. I rename it, a separate Preview window is displayed, I have to use the mouse (or hit ALT+D). Why is this extra step needed? I have "Enable in_place mode" checked in my settings. But that doesn't seem to work. Why not?

3. I try to apply a refactor of Extract Method. If I use the mouse and choose Refactor | Extract | Method, it works and I can see the key map is Ctrl + Alt + M. If I use that instead of the mouse, then it does nothing. Why not? Why is there a key mapping that doesn't work?


It seems that every time I want to use any product besides R#, there are problems, bugs, things that don't make sense and extra work trying to use the tool insead of just creating content. I would love if you can help me understand and love WebStorm.


Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I just want to create, I don't want a second career of submitting bug tickets and digging up log files and such to get your tools to work correctly.


I've really wanted to like VS Code, but to me WebStorm feels like a much more solid and polished product (VS Code feels "brittle"). There are many details I could get into but I don't know if I can convince anyone else of that, and these sorts of debates turn into religious wars (vim vs. Sublime), so I'll just try to answer your specific questions:

1. I've only used WebStorm, and haven't used key mapping plugins. I've reconfigured a few mapping to match Chrome DevTools (e.g. F10 to step over) because you can't configure Chrome DevTools. The rest of the mappings I left as default, and with time, I learned them.

2. Press Shift+F6 and type the new name of the variable. No mouse needed.


2. Renaming is performed in-place in most cases; the preview is shown if there is some additional complexity involved that may require previewing the results

3. what system keyboard layout do you use? Must be a known JDK issue with shortcuts on non-QWERTY layouts - java returns incorrect key codes, so some shortcuts don't work as expected. We have fixed it in our custom JRE, but only for MacOSX;
Fix for Windows is in progress (


Thank you both for your replies. 

1. I really do like most things about JetBrains products. I hope that came through, but I'm sure my post felt like maybe I don't. It's 90% awesome, and 10% a huge time drain tying to figure out why random things don't or quit working.

2. I don't have anything very complex going on. A project with just one .js file I'm using to learn Javascript and web development, after a 15 year background of C#. 

const p1 = "Kalvin";
p1 = "bob";

I select p1 and press SHFT+F6, which displays the "Rename" dialog. I ente ra new name and click [Refactor], the "Refactoring Preview" window is displayed and I have to click [Do Refactor] for the rename to be set. The "Enable in-place mode" setting in Editor | General is checked.

So, nothing complicated, I don't see why this would require a preview.

I am using the standard QWERTY keyboard, windows default keyboard.
Any idea why the keyboard for Extract Method doesn't work? It only works if I use the mouse to select the menu item.

Thank you again for your reply. I really do appreciate your time.


2. I see, thanks for clearing it up:) Refactoring works in-place when renaming local variables, parameters, etc.

In case of global variables, like in your example, renaming may affect other files, thus the dialog + preview are shown

3. it may depend on selection... Please record a screencast that shows your steps


OH!!!!! I get it. That makes total sense. I moved this code into a function instead of just global test code and it works exactly like I expected. 

Thank you so much for your patience.


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