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im using RubyMine for few years now. Im just curious if its possible to do:

1. Commit only 1 project
I got like 10 projects opened and sometimes I add changes to them. I would like to have only 1 project to push (the actual openned one) . When I click now the VCS push controll button in menu it also want to push other projects than the one im using.
Example: Got projects A, B, C. Im working on B, when I try to commit B and got some uncommited files on A and C it also tried to commit them. I would like to commit only B.

2. Open terminal for the currently opened project
I would like to open terminal for currently opened project (the project im working on). The default I got is that it opens the first opened project.
Example: Got projects A, B, C. Im working on B and it opens terminal "New session" for project A. I would like to have opened terminal for B. Also if possible to have it with gemset used that the project uses.

My RubyMine version is 2016.3.3 build RM-163.15529.6.


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Hello Mariusz,

just to be sure, do you mean that you have multiple projects opened in the same window? Because in this case there's a main project (the first one) and others are attached to it, so it's considered to be a one big project with several projects (like modules in IDEA) in it.

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Hello Olga,
yes, its exactly as you write. I have multiple projects opened in same window. Is it possible what I wrote above? Or should I have only 1 project per RubyMine opened?

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Regarding Terminal, you can use the action 'Open in Terminal' (in the context menu, you can also assign a shortcut to it in Settings). As for VCS, we have a similar request on our tracker so please add your vote and follow it:


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