Large Ruby/Rails codebases to find performance issues

A great codebase to test RubyMine on would be Canvas LMS. It's a fully open source Rails application used by many universities around the world. I work on it at Instructure, where I and many others use RubyMine. The codebase is large and complex and RubyMine frequently feels slow on it and crashes occasionally. 

Also because it is 10 years old, it contains every form of Javascript - React, Backbone, Handlebars, Coffeescript, etc... So the Javascript inspections also get bogged down and sometimes confused.

I love RubyMine, but Canvas seems to push its limits and could be good for performance profiling, if you aren't aware of it.

Github repo:


Others may want to add their suggestions too.

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Thank you, we've been checking performance on GitLab and Diaspora projects. And in case you notice any significant degradation (working on the last 2019.3 EAP) it'd be great if your could record CPU+memory snapshots for investigation (


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