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this is my first post and I am pretty new to C++, too. I am working on an Unreal Game project and I am trying to build the whole thing with CLion. This has been running for over three hours now. Task manager shows 0% CPU usage for clangd.exe, cmake.exe, Filesystem events processor, console window host, Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility (which shows up twice) and some occasional 0.x% for the editor itself. Only the CLion editor uses about half a GB of memory. All others are at 0.1MB with the exception of clangd.exe, which uses 1.1MB. Editor reacts normal. Doesn't seem stuck or anything. I can click on menu and open dialogues normally.

Is it me or is this kinda strange? What should / can I do?

Thanks in advance!

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What target do you build? Some information about targets:

Unreal Engine generates custom targets for building and cleaning your game (add_custom_target() commands in the CMakeLists.txt). So you can call Build for these targets and external Unreal Engine building processes will be launched. Also the plugin adds one fake target (add_executable(FakeTarget ...)command in the CMakeLists.txt) for CLion needs. It's used in the [ProjectName]Editor configuration and makes all the intellisense possible. Please note that it doesn't really make sense to build it.


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