why are python files open in PyCharm stored in the private/var/folders on Mac?

on the title bar of the PyCharm application window I see:


<python file name>.py [/private/var/folders/9k/2r56db9s7znbwk9cpm80dh500000gn/T/<python file name>.py] - ~/Documents/<python file name>.py


after the second location is where the actual file is stored on my computer, but when I turn off PyCharm and try to reopen the file from PyCharm (form where it shows up on the start page of PyCharm) it sees the file as being in the first location, and then it says that the file isn't available in that location. It seems like its a temporary location, my question is why is even being stored there at all?

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That's not a usual case. We do not store your local project files anywhere else.

Do you use symlinks?

If not, would be useful to have a screenshot showing your project structure in PyCharm.


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