Creating a new project is confusing and complicated [SOLVED]


I have written a few small Python programs, and I find many aspects of PyCharm to be absolutely brilliant!

But I find creation of new projects to be confusing and difficult:

Environments - interpreters - configurations - libraries (not automatically found and included) etc. ...

I very much miss a project-creation-wizzard that could make the creation of a new project as smooth and easy as all the other aspects of Python and PyCharm.

My current problem is that I installed Kivy on my Ubuntu PC and created a new project, but PyCharm says "Typo in word 'kivy" when I write "import kivy"...

Any help would be most appreciated.



Could you kindly share a screenshot showing that error in your file?

In most of the cases, PyCharm cannot find some library/package that you installed from the system terminal because you are using a different interpreter. So you should either use the same interpreter you installed a package to or install it to your current project interpreter in PyCharm.


Hi Sergey

Thank you very much for your reply.

I tried running the kivy test py-file anyway. Here is a screen shot, showing the "Typo in word 'kivy'" message:


Looks like this particular file isn't recognized as Python file.

Could you check that this file is not associated with any other file type in File | Settings | Editor | File Types?

If you have difficulties finding it, then just start PyCharm with default settings (rename/remove configuration folder


Here is a screen shot of the 'File types'-window. I can't see what is wrong here?:


It is likely to be associated with another file type. Check the Text file type. If it's not there, try starting with defaults as instructed above.


Yes! For some strange reason "" was on the Text file type list(?!) Removing it solved the problem.

PS: I still can't find a 'Solved'-button.


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