ssh console hangs, ssh debugger console hangs. But program runs and debugging


 I have pycharm 2019.2.3.

Everything seemed to run smoothly until the debugger console stopped working. 

It loads and print "import sys; print('Python %s on %s' % (sys.version, sys.platform))" 

but when I give it a command it is not executed 

print('a') will not give any output

I have also noticed that the main console hangs, and while loading "connecting to IP" it freezes pycharm and I have to force shutdown.

I have removed .pycharm_remote helpers and no luck. I have reinstalled pycharm to the current version and no luck.

I have created a new project in new conda environment and no luck.

I have found some related issues:

this issue should be fixed now, but I still have the problem.

Could you help me? for me remote consolle during debugging is fundamental for working


Thanks in advance,







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Could you tell me if it happens with every script or a specific one?  In case it is a specific code, it will be great if you provide a code example so I will be able to reproduce the issue in my lab.  

Please upload your logs folder zipped from ***Help | Compress Logs and Show in…*** to the FTP and provide me with a folder name. 

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Thanks Antonina for your reply,

unfortunately it happens with any script, with different projects, even after I have deleted the pycharm helpers and upgraded to last version. SSH tunneling (as suggested by others) did not work.

Today I had the chance to try with a different remote machine and everything was running smoothly. So I think the problem is on the remote machine. 

the difference on the debugger between my console and this new remote machine is that in my case I see >>> while the new working remote machine shows in[1] (ipython style).

The very strange thing to me is that my debugger console was working fine and suddenly stopped.

for the logs, you can find them in the folder "debugger logs" or you can find part of them here (I have opened an issue)

If you need any additional information please feel free to ask, 





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Dear Antonina,

 I think I have found the issue. After all it's a problem of ipython and SQL:

by removing "use ipython for console" i get it working.

If possible could you please help me how to make it work with ipython?




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Hello Stefano, 

Thank you for letting me know, I am glad it works now. 

Unfortunately, the issue has not been fixed yet, please feel free to vote for the ticket in order to increase its priority. 




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