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As IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains become more and more popular in the world, is there any plan to make localization/translation for IntelliJ IDEA?

Although English is necessary for programmers, it will be more convenient for non-English users if localization is available.

p.s. Language packs can be maintained by the community. I believe many volunteers are interested.

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Official comment


There are no plans to translate IntelliJ IDEA in the nearest future. The translation is so complex process. Code should be refactored from the beginning to add the ability to dynamically change all menus, settings, popups, etc.
However, we (as a company) are on the way of starting to translate our products. Currently, we are translating our blog posts, promo materials, and so on. We also plan to translate our website (jetbrains.com) soon.

There are 3rd party plugins developed by the community which helps to translate IntelliJ IDEA, such this one:


However, we do not officially support them.

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Alright. Hopefully I can see your achievement before I have a grandson (although I don't have a girlfriend yet 😂).


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