How to connect to a remote minikube


I created a minikube and install kubernetes on a larger Ubuntu computer.

I went to Setting > Build, Execution, Deployment >  and created a new docker using tcp socket.  I learned from reading about this problem and used for "Engine API URL":

The Certificates Folder: /home/username/.minikube/certs

It works when I use this minikube from the Ubuntu Computer.

I then copied everything in  the Certificates folder to another Mac Computer and tried to connect.

I get the error "no port configured for null".  On the ubuntu computer, I open

Could anyone help with the setting up of a network minikube


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There is no native support for docker running on the remote host. Feel free to vote for and follow it for updates.

The workaround is mentioned in the description, but it's not guaranteed that it will work in all of the cases.


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