Injection in Java constructors and annotations for Scala


I am trying write a custom language injection rule for an SQL-like language in Scala, and having trouble in two cases:

1) if the language is being injected as a parameter of a constructor of a Java class, and
2) if it is a parameter of a Java annotation

The language grammar is implemented and injection is working correctly in Scala methods and methods/constructors in Java. But in both of my cases, the language does not get recognized, and manual injection doesn't add any rules (adds injection temporarily).

1) Imagine I have a TestMyInjection Java class with a

TestMyInjection(String query)

constructor. Here's what I am trying to do:

+ scalaLiteral().callArgument(0, psiMethod().withName("TestMyInjection").withParameters("java.lang.String").definedInClass("com.example.inject.TestMyInjection"))

I used the built in

+ scalaLiteral().callArgument(1, psiMethod().withName("BatchSqlUpdate").withParameters("javax.sql.DataSource", "java.lang.String").definedInClass("org.springframework.jdbc.object.BatchSqlUpdate"))

example as a reference.

What is the correct way to do this? Can I use other approaches?

2) Say I have a Java annotation:

public @interface Query {
    java.lang.String VALUE = "value";
    java.lang.String value() default "";

And, I am using it like this, in Scala:

trait MyRepository { 
def myMethod()

Again, the language does not get recognized. I tried using

+ psiMethod().withName("value").withParameters().definedInClass("com.example.Query")

as well as

+ psiAnnotation().qName(...

, but as I've noticed, the annotation does get recognized as a PsiAnnotation in Java only.

What is the correct way to inject a language in an annotation in case of Scala?

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It is not supported yet in Scala plugin:

You may vote for the issue to get progress notification. I think we'll implement it soon.

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