Beginner help with multiple initial conditions

Hello, I am very new to this and need help with a pycharm program I am working on. I am making a freefall program using solve_ivp that is working great but I would like to have sets of initial conditions instead of just Y0=100 and V0=0. I wanted to make them into lists and be able to run a for loop that calls on the tuples for each set of the initial conditions and graphs all 4 on one. 

So far I have Position vs time, time vs velocity and positions vs velocities all with initial conditions Y0=100 and V0=0. Any help as to the best way to do this? 

Thanks in advance


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Well, Pycharm is the IDE for the Python program you are writing (theoretically, you could write python in VI or Notepad or some other basic text editor). Sounds like you have something more like a coding question that might be better asked at something like reddit's r/learnpython or one of the stackexchange python threads.


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