Failed to run an App Engine App with Datastore emulator

I have a Python2.7 Google App Engine application, and I'm trying to run\debug the app using the configuration of App Engine Server.

The command I'm using to run the application from the terminal window is (and it runs well): --clear_datastore=yes app.yaml --support_datastore_emulator=true

When the IDE trying to run\debug the application, it uses this command:

    /usr/bin/python2.7 /home/netanel/Desktop/google-cloud-sdk/google-cloud-sdk/bin/ --port 8080 --host localhost --clear_datastore=yes app.yaml --support_datastore_emulator=True

and I get this error:


    RuntimeError: Cannot use the Cloud Datastore Emulator because the packaged grpcio is incompatible to this system. Please install grpcio using pip

I have checked several times the version of the grpcio package (1.20.0 that compatible with Python2.7), and when I run the same command with the same interpreter in the terminal window (the terminal window that built in the IDE) it runs well without any errors

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