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Hi, the project I'm working on requires me to compare releases based on their tags. I am able to view the difference betweek branches in the Version Control tab, however, I can't find any ability to compare two tags. I am forced to abandon the IDE and use the git diff tool.

$ git difftool -d e739a...e24a4 b499d...84b8f8

If anyone can advise on if/how it is possible to do the same in the IDE it would be great.




You can follow the progress of the feature here:



They've done it.... but it's hidden very deep...


There are some alternative ways you can compare different commits.

If you are interested in the specific file, there is "Git" -> "File History" which has "Compare Versions" and "Compare with Local" actions. And since 2018.3 version we have a diff preview window there.

Also 2018.3 introduces "Compare Versions" action in Version Control -> Log tool window, which compares two selected commits:


It would be really nice if you could choose "By Tag" and have IntelliJ look up the commit for you, instead of having to do it yourself and then remember the commit ID. (Maybe other people are better at remembering random hex codes than I am.)


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