Coverage results of WSL Rails project are not shown in RubyMine IDE


I'm developing a Rails project with RubyMine from a Windows machine using WSL (Ubuntu). Following your Code Coverage help site I have setup SimpleCov.

First point: When I start my test specs with the 'Run ... with coverage' button, no coverage results are created. The according info line of SimpleCov is missing in the log file. I figured out that the start command (first expandable line in test log 'Testing startet at...') is the same for normal start and the start with coverage.

What is the difference between those two start buttons under the hood? Should some kind of environment variable be set which triggers the start of code coverage?

More over the 'Code Coverage' tab is missing in my configuration editor. Is this intended for a WSL project?

Second point: I got the code coverage started manually via calling:

require 'simplecov'

SimpleCov.start 'rails' do

Now the coverage results are created as one would expected in the coverage subfolder of the project directory. But the RubyMine IDE does not detect the index.html the corresponding files in order to show the coverage results in the 'Project' view and the 'Coverage' tool window. In addition it's not possible to load the results with the 'Choose Coverage Suite to Display' dialog.

Please tell us if RubyMine should be able to gather coverage results for a WSL project automatically and should be able to display the results in the IDE.

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running tests with coverage isn't supported for remote interpreters (WSL is considered to be a remote one), please add your vote to


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