Best Practice for Creating GitLab Project

Hello, I'm new to PyCharm Professional and would like to understand the best practice for creating a GitLab based project.  Should I create an empty GitLab project with a readme and clone it to my local?  Or should I create a local git project first and then ????   I installed the Gitlab Project and Gitlab Integration Plugins but am a bit lost on how to get things properly configured.  I'm using Ubuntu 18.04. 

I would like to set up a new project named XYZ and integrate it with GitLab and set up pytest.  I will be creating python 3.x code that will be deployed to Raspberry PIs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Vince


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You'ru probably talking about those plugins:

They are third-party plugins, so you may also try asking on the maintainer's forums/tracker. I personally haven't used them myself so I won't be able to give you good advice, sorry. Hopefully someone else have used them.


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