include .git to remote sync

could not find how to include .git folder to remote sync procedure : from local to remote.

pls assist

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also .project tree doesn't show .git folder, how to enable this? 

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Could you explain your remote sync procedure?

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sync local files to remote target host, where is a build process,

seems it now works - I removed git name from exclude symbols in remote sync options dialog

however second question is still actual - how to show .git folder in local project tree? 

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If you want to see the .git folder, you need to remove it from the ignore list in the File Types settings.

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by the way - scopes is a good thing , but it doesn't work properly for my project:

the project contains a few folders like:






(implemenation of API for different language clients)


if I select (to scope) 'c++' it creates a filter: 


however it creates a scope for 'c' subfolder


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