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Working with SQL Server databases that have tables (and other objects) divided into different schemas - some as default dbo.table, others in custom schemas (ex. Settings.tablename).

In SSMS (might be from SQL Complete), when I start typing a table name, it will suggest table names from all schemas, and if I select one that isn't just dbo, it automatically prepends the schema name. For example, if I started typing "tab", Settings.tablename would appear as a suggestion.

In DataGrip, I can only get suggestions for tables in the schema I specify (or dbo tables if I don't specify). So, I can only get it to suggest Settings.tablename if I type in Settings. first.

Is there any way to get DG's completion working as I have it in SSMS?

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Since you're working with MS SQL you no need schema qualification only for users' default schema.

To invoke completion for rest of the schemas you need to get completion for schema name and object name
or invoke completion action for several times (for Windows ctrl+space for 3 or more times).


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Hi Vasily, thank you for your reply. What I'm looking for is if DataGrip could be configured to have it's autocomplete suggest tables from all schemas at once. Picking a suggestion for a table that is not from the default schema would of course insert the qualified name.


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