Separate font settings for Console and table editor?


Is it possible to have separate font settings (face and size) for the Console and the table editor?

I want to use a bigger font for my Console like Fira Code 18 with a 1.6 line spacing, so that I don't go blind when I work with SQL.

However whenever I set those values in the Color scheme the table editor settings are also affected, which makes it impossible to work with large tables because of all the scrolling.

I am currently using DataGrip 2019.2.5. Pretty fresh install, right after the OS got reinstalled.


EDIT: The Console Font settings interestingly have no effect on the actual Console even though the preview actually shows the changes (those are however not reflected in the actual console).


EDIT 2: I also tried reverting to the default DataGrip scheme thinking the Material theme might actually interfere with some setting. The issue is still there.

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