JSPostfixTemplateUtils in some casses missing in WebStorm


I've written a plugin (Custom Postfix Templates) that provides postfix completion templates for JavaScript and other languages. In IDEA everything runs fine. However, some users reported a ClassNotFoundException in WebStorm. The missing class is:


Unfortunately I could not reproduce this exception in my WebStorm instance. On my computer everything runs fine. So I wonder if there are different editions of WebStorm and some of them without JavaScript support?

The full exception can be found here: https://github.com/xylo/intellij-postfix-templates/issues/148


Hi. Even if the user uses WebStorm they can disable the javascript plugin. So you need to specify the templates as an optional dependency (similar to withJavaModule and etc).


Thanks for your reply, Andrey.  I actually thought I made it optional, but it looks like I forgot it.  Thanks.


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