Cant get how to create a project with all its files with DB-first approach using MSSQL

Hello, that is a third day I am trying to create a project based on existing  MSSQL db and having a problem. The project folder is empty.

  1. How to create all needed files based on existing DB?
  2. When I am attaching db, opening a routine by double clicking, then see a type, doing shift + f6 renaming in code does not even look for usages.
  3. it does not rename routine on left Database window
  4. When I am doing shift + f6 twice dialog opens and, I check all boxes it finds the usages and even renames that usage, but (!)
  5. when I go to tab Database Changes - it shows only one renaming, without usages
  6. when I am revering changes back it does not revert usages

Please explain the algo of doing refactoring at least on namings, and how to create a project with all needed structure in dir based DB-First approach. thank you

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