Stay within project files on Find Usages?

For some reason my WebStorm has begun to search within all files, even node_modules when I invoke 'Find Usages'. It didn't used to do this.

I have changed the setting in Edit > Find > Find Usages Settings to 'Project Files' but it keeps reverting to 'Project Files and LIbraries' or, even worse, 'All Places'.

How can I get it to stay at 'Project Files'? Thanks.


Find Usages doesn't remember chosen scope (, but, for me, it's always set to Project Files by default... What IDE build do you use?


When I wrote this inquiry I was using latest stable (2019.2.4) but I've since switched to 2019.3 EAP. Behavior doesn't seem to have changed. It seems to default to 'All Places' or 'Project and Libraries'.

I am certain it did not do this in the past.


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