Datagrip does not release lock on h2 database

This is wrt to the test database which is referred to in the "getting started" section of H2's own documentation.

That database is an embedded database.

When we go through Datagrip and open that database, DataGrip never unlocks itr after it has obtained a lock on it. 

The lock persists through everything, including a complete reboot of the computer with the database, which in this case is the same computer running Datagrip.

DataGrip essentially obtains a lock on the DB and then never ever lets it go. 


It should be easy to repro  this issue.

Just open the test db described in  the latest version of H2's documentation in DataGrip and then try to close it. Then try to open it with H2's own browser-based tool . That browser based tool is in found in the bin directory of your H2 install and is launched with the command bash The browser-based tool cannot open the database because the lock has not been released.  DataGrip still has a lock on it and will forever until you actually delete the test DB on disk which is 



Because this is the simplest thing which ought to give us no problems,, we are not willing to continue auditioning  DataGrip further to see if it would be the right tool for us. 


We like Jetbrains and we will give DataGrip another look in a year or so when the tool has had a chance to mature. 


Best wishes.


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I´m running in the same issue, but with other databases like MS SQL


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