Project Wizard Plugin Not Supported By AndroidStudio ?


Hi there,

I am working on a Project Wizard Plugin for Android Developers, which basically generates an Android Project according to the User requirements (Bluetooth, GoogleMaps, etc...) and the desired project Architecture (MVP, MVVM, MVI...). 

The problem is that this plugin is compatible with AndroidStudio, but there is not way to create a Project from AndroidStudio by using 3rd party Project Wizards Plugins like mine. The only way is by using this plugin from other generic Intellij IDE (like in Intellij IDEA CE) and then open the generated project from AndroidStudio, and that is not very user-friendly (it's not common for Android Developers to have AndroidStudio and other Intellij IDE install at the same time).

Not sure if I am missing some configuration setting or this is not supported by AndroidStudio. Any clue?

Here is the plugin published (I know that the vendor URL is not correct :P ). This is just a proof of concept, is under development.

Thanks !

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It is currently not possible to extend the Project Wizard in AS.


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