Apache Velocity templates


Is there any way to get syntax highlighting and coding assistance for Apache Velocity templates in PhpStorm?

I saw in help pages that there is support for it in IDEA Ultimate using a plugin (I didn't find that plugin though).

I need it for AWS AppSync mapping templates.


Unfortunately, no. This plugin relies on Java and thus is only available in IDEA Ultimate. Sorry!


This is really inconvenient Eugene Morozov.

I don't like error highlighting my IDE keeps showing (currently using it with GoLand but it is a general issue as I would like to have it in other IDEs too should project use another language). Not to mention having the IDEs help is greatly appreciated as it prevents typos and alike writing errors.

I really hope this will change because I literally have to switch IDEs (and a free one at that) just so that I can have a proper VTL file recognition. Which is more than likely going forward I'd be using more and more AWS AppSync, it will become more of an issue.

Any chance JetBrains planning to add VTL support to other IDEs at least through a plugin?


Ilgıt Yıldırım, at the moment, there are no such plans since Velocity is a Java template engine.
Please submit this request to IDEA describing the need you have, maybe the IDEA team will reconsider: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/newIssue?project=IDEA

Please also post a link to the request here if you do, other people might also be interested. Thank you.


Thank you Eugene Morozov, I just created a ticket. Personally I heavily use PHPStorm and GoLand so hoping to get the support going there.


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