Stop automatically switching to console/output window after clicking into new editor window/tab


Basically as the title suggest, every time I try and click into a new editor tab/scratch file, datagrip automatically navigates straight to the console/output tab which makes it annoying when trying to copy/paste between tabs.

I thought I could just change Autoscroll from source but I am unable to un-tick it.


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I responded in other post too...

But I found that if you minimize the Services window (console/output) that the editor tabs will keep focus. You can set the "View Mode" to "Dock Unpinned" so that the results will automatically minimize if you click an editor tab and will automatically show when a query is ran (regardless of autoscroll options).

It probably is a little strange that switching the editor tab focuses on the Services window, not sure if that's by design.

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Thanks for the response. I'll submit a feature request.


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