Pycharm will not start on mac after update

After updating the mac, pycharm doesn't work any more, I found this error on console of mac that I don't know what to do with:


RBSStateCapture remove item called for untracked item 321-161-19356 (target:executable<pycharm(501)>)


I have remove the PyCharm from app and all footprints in ~/Library and installed it again but still no success.


What should I do to get it run again?

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Hello Masoud, 


Do you get the error when trying to start the IDE through the terminal? 

If not, please try to start  Pycharm binary file which locates in the bin directory from a  system terminal an provide me with an output. 



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May you please guide me how to do that?

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Have you installed PyCharm from the JetbrainsToolbox? If yes, there are several steps to generate command-line scripts:

  1. Go the toolbox settings
  2. In "Generate shell scripts" define a directory from system path to use for generated scripts.
  3. Run the generated scrips from the command line, the path will be 'the path you have defined in step 2'/PyCharm\' or you can drop the generated script from the location to terminal.
  4. send me the output

If it is a separate installation, please go to the "Applications" folder, right-click on PyCharm and "show packages content" , go to "Contents "- "MacOS" , inside will be a file that should be dropped to terminal.

Also, if you have any folders in ~/Library/Preferences/ named with "PyCharm " ,  remove them in order to start the IDE with default settings. 


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