Disable sync - lost all settings

You. Need. To. Fix. The. Settings. Synchronization.

I wanted to share my settings from A Computer to B Computer.

Luckily I had already enabled sync settings on A Computer, so I figured all I would have to do was enable it on B Computer as well.

But your IDE sync settings does *nothing* when I enable sync on B Computer. The logs reveal `java.io.IOException: Bad 7z signature` - so I *cannot* share it between computers that way.

After spending quite a few hours getting to a place where with my IDE that I like and which seems relatively stable, I really cant find the will of life to go through setting it up manually on B Computer.

So I googled it and found that I could use a settings repository instead. Fine I dont mind trying that, might be practical in the future to have it in a repository.

But, to do that, I had to *disabled* syncing of my settings on A Computer - which reverts my settings to something which appears to be an irrational midway between phpstorm defaults and some *old* settings that I have had*!*

Holy dongle, all my settings gone. IDE nigh on unusable. The major part of any productivity I have went flying out the window. I try to enable syncing again, hoping that I would get my settings back on A Computer - but I cant do that *because your settings synchronization does not work!*: it just throws an exception.

So what now? Some searches on your forums / youtrack reveals that this might an issue that you guys arent handling or prioritizing. And seeing as you have been leaving this issue for what appears to be a relatively long time, I am not holding my breath for any sort of fix or manual help.

PS: Sorry for the rant, but this really triggered me.

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