code tip is confusing

When i type the code, pop up shows what parameters are accepted.
For example, when i type mylist.sort, i get popup about sort method showing the following

sort(self, key, reverse)

This is confusing because it should look like this:

(reverse=boolean) because there is only one argument with either true or false.

This applies to every code preview. It shows this "self" thing in parenthesis making me think "self" is a parameter

Why write ("self" if already showing the method/function ? sort(self, key, reverse)

Any way to turn off this "self" nonsense ?

Also, is there any way to get better pop ups for code completion tips ?


when typing hasattr(), suggestion is  __o,__name:str WTF is that even mean ?
Who understand these ? Wha is __o ? Why not just give a human readable example ? OMG !

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