Datagrip new script didn't appear under project directory

Hi experts,

Here is what happened:

1) I have three database sources: Databricks, Impala and Vertica.

2) I created a new project, opened a Databricks console, wrote some code, this project is in my pre-defined project directory

3) I changed the name of this console script to something else

4) I clicked File->New Scrip, expected it to appear under my project directory, but actually it appears under the console directory under Datagrip2019.02

5) Now it seems that Datagrip treats every new SQL script as a console one, i.e. I can NOT detach them from the data sources. I have to close it, click on another data source, and File->New Script to create a new script for that data source. Still Datagrip doesn't recognize it as a project script.

6) Basically I have to remove this project and create a new one

Can you please share if there is a way to fix this? Thanks!

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