Cascadia Code 1911.20

This is funny. I've been trying out the Cascadia Code font without issues. Yesterday I upgraded to the new font release (1911.20) and now it looks like this in PhpStorm (even the font name itself is corrupted!):

It's funny because only the main font looks weird (the three other fonts from the same family are correct) and it only happens in PhpStorm (LibreOffice Writer or Visual Studio Code render it just fine).

Any idea?

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What IDE version are you on? If you're on 2019.3 EAP/RC I would suggest to submit this to our tracker at There were some changes in Fonts rendering/processing recently and this should be looked into by our JBR team.

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No, sorry, I was using previous stable version. But 2019.3 final fixes the issue. All's well that ends well.



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