Where to provide feedback to comments of future API evolution?

Where can plugin developers provide feedback regarding future API changes seen in intellij-community source?

For example when I encounter the following:

ProjectRootManager.java: Line 74

class ProjectRootManager {
   * Unlike getContentRoots(), this includes the project base dir. Is this really necessary?
   * TODO: remove this method?
  public abstract VirtualFile[] getContentRootsFromAllModules();

I would like ask, or beg if it will help, not to have this done.

Where would I post such a request with its justification?


In theory, a project has no base directory because it is an abstract containing modules which hold the files used in the project.

In practice a project has a base directory. It is the directory which contains .idea sub-directory for all project settings and configuration.

Users, including myself, can and do put a bunch of files in the project base directory, README.md and .gitignore being the most common. In general, these are not in any module roots but in the project base directory.

Without having a project base directory which can easily obtained from the API, the workaround is to use the project file location and walk up the directory tree to find a directory which contains an .idea sub-directory. This adds unnecessary complications for something the API has but no longer exposes to fit the abstract ideal.

All that workaround PITA just to “pretend” that a project is an abstract with no base directory seems less than optimum and does not eliminate project base directory use by users and necessity for plugins to work with it.

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