Suggestions For The Font Selection GUI


I used to not worry about the editor font when I was using Windows.

However, ever since I switched to Ubuntu and there was a font rendering problem (a long time ago) I have been switching around the editor font trying to get a "perfect" font.

Recently, when I was comparing some fonts I was trying to objectively decide why I liked one over another.

One of the reasons was the width of a line and the number of lines that fit on the screen.

This made me think of a couple of suggestions for the font selection screen in the settings:

  1. Have the option of using the currently selected editor text for the preview so that you see what it looks like with actual code
  2. Include code highlighting in the preview 
  3. Add horizontal and vertical rulers so that you see how wide/tall the font is with actual code
  4. Maybe have markers on the rulers that put lines on the screen so that you can more easily compare to a previous font
  5. Maybe have a side by side window of 2 fonts
  6. Maybe have a single pane compare option where the font is ghosted behind the other

What do you think?


Hi. please raise a feature request at


Before adding a feature request I thought I would try to gather some feedback on the different parts of the suggestions to see what other people think.


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