[PHP] How to provide type for foreach items in class implementing IteratorAggregate?


This is the scenario:    

$myObject = new MyClassImplementingIteratorAggregate();
foreach($myObject as $item){

I was doing this in multiple ways inside PhpTypeProvider2, and was working fine but with almost every update in PhpStorm it stops working.

I can see there is a PhpTypeProvider4 now (not sure what is the difference)

But the problem with my current code is $item was a VariableDecl before, now that class does not even exist, I think it was replaced by VariableImpl but when I check VariableImpl::isDeclaration() for $item it returns false.     

Is there any recommended way to provide the correct type for foreach items?

Thanks !!


Official comment

Using PhpTypeProvider4 right now should be fine. If you got working solution using PhpTypeProvider4, it will be enough to just switch to PhpTypeProvider4, com.jetbrains.php.lang.psi.resolve.types.PhpTypeProvider4#complete implementation can be just `return null;` in your case.

Hello. Actually, PhpStorm supposed to inherit types for foreach keys on IteratorAggregate inheritors by design, but don't this at the moment because of bug. Please vote for https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-9507/


Upvoted, but is not the same, I'm working with Magento, is really difficult for PhpStorm to guess the type of that. 
What I need is a good, efficient and safe way to give that type from PhpTypeProviderX, currently I have fixed it using PhpTypeProvider3 but would be nice to have some recommended way to do this from the official team


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