Adding external jars to a plugin's classpath

I maintain an IntelliJ plugin that allows people to view Avro files in plain text (it's a serialization system).


A user has raised an issue in which they get errors when trying to load a file which has one field serialised as a Scala HashMap ("2019-11-18 09:47:45,524 [ 35314] WARN - com.intellij.util.xmlb.Binding - no accessors for class scala.collection.mutable.HashMap").

I don't have a dependency on Scala as part of the plugin, nor should I add one to solve this problem, as other users may have fields serialised by other external dependencies.

How can I allow users to add their own dependencies in order to deserialise fields correctly? We've both tried adding the Scala library jars into the plugins lib folder, but that didn't help.


Is this still an issue? The GH bug is not quite clear to me. Thanks.


Hi Yann, yes it's still a problem I haven't been able to solve. I'm not really sure how else to explain it other than the way I already did in the first post here, but I can try again:

I made a plugin that other users often need to add external dependencies into when running. For example if you want to use my plugin to view files containing Scala objects, you need to have a Scala jar available. I'm not sure how this is possible - is there some kind of class path that plugins have available at runtime?


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