Mongo database driver

Hi! I really happy we finally have this driver in phpstorm.
But have to say - it's not competitive with other mongo GUI's
I've used studio3t and nosqlbooster, and have to say that they are much better to manage mongo.
Yes, it's oblivious - they upgrading themselves from many years ago, but there is also some basic functionality, that critically needed to work with mongo.

first of all - i didn't found documentation for driver, so it's possible that i just did't found how to resolve my issues.

- json format(raw) view
- searching by typed fields - for now in quick search we can find only by string\int\bool, searching by MongoId is a critical issue, i see it like writing query {_id: ObjectId("validMongoId")}, or making query like {_id:"validMongoId"} and converting the value to format of specified field inside driver
- i didn't found out how to use console, db.collectionName.find(); with any query returns empty result.
- mechanism for importing\exporting data between collections\databases - like copypasting json or csv format of any entity and pasting to another collection
and mongodump \ mongorestore for bigger data transporting.
- crud operations (preferrably in tree view)

Untill this issues gonna work - using driver is pointless for me.

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Hello D Vikulov,

Thank you for valuable feedback!

1. json format(raw) view
Yes, we currently do not have it, but it's on our list

2. No result for db.collectionName.find()
db.collection.find() returns no result if database or collection is not found.
Do you execute `use <db>` command? Top right corner of console shows you current database (on screenshot it's admin)

3. searching by typed fields
Right now the filter field (on screenshot it's right above the table) accepts json format only which is wrong because it may contain regex literals and other javascript expressions. We will fix it in next versions (see DBE-9613 and DBE-9704)

Import/Export and crud operations are also will be supported

If you have questions you may refer to DataGrip documentation (MongoDB support is a part of DataGrip project)

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With `use <db>` console works.
Thx for answer, and good luck with other features, gonna watch your new versions :)

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It's really unfortunate that export/import on mongo database is not supported ... 


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