Collation when creating schema?


I just tried Datagrip for the first time, but ran into something right away. When creating a new schema, I only could fill in the name. How do I choose collation/charset? If not possible, what collation will the schema have?

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You can set in script, possible variation are suggested by completion:

> If not possible, what collation will the schema have?

For example, if you're working with MySQL refer to documentation


MySQL chooses the database character set and database collation in the following manner:

  • If both CHARACTER SET charset_name and COLLATE collation_name are specified, character set charset_name and collation collation_name are used.

  • If CHARACTER SET charset_name is specified without COLLATE, character set charset_name and its default collation are used. To see the default collation for each character set, use the SHOW CHARACTER SET statement or query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA CHARACTER_SETS table.

  • If COLLATE collation_name is specified without CHARACTER SET, the character set associated with collation_name and collation collation_name are used.

  • Otherwise (neither CHARACTER SET nor COLLATE is specified), the server character set and server collation are used.



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