PyCharm raises false alarm on datetime module

Here's a sample code that I'm having a problem with. 

The code just above function and in the function is the same except for variable names. 

I'm not sure why PyCharm is giving a warning for the same lines of code within the function but when not in function. 

Here's the code in text format for the reference. 

datetime1 =

datetime_after_20_days1 = datetime1 + timedelta(days=20)

d1 = datetime_after_20_days1 -

def func(datetime2: datetime):
datetime_after_20_days2 = datetime2 + timedelta(days=20)

d2 = datetime_after_20_days2 -

return d2
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Yes, the issue seems to exist and I've reported it to our tracker just in case:

Meanwhile, you can resolve the issue by refactoring the code, see the example below:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

now =
now_plus_20 = now + timedelta(days=20)
d1 = now_plus_20 -

def func(_now: datetime):
_now_plus_20 = _now + timedelta(days=20)
d2 = _now_plus_20 -
return d2

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