Pycharm 2019.3 "New" dialogs are not focused when invoked by mouse

Right clicking on a folder, selecting New and choosing directory brings up a new slim-border dialog box, but it isn't focused.  This means that typing immediately afterwards searches for a folder since the folder view was the last thing in focus.  Is this happening to other people or is this just me?

I'm on Linux Wayland gnome-3.32, happy to provide additional information if it'll help?

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Sorry but I can't reproduce the issue, the focus is switching to "New Directory" box in all cases for me.

I suggest to test in IntelliJ IDEA as well, and if the issue is reproduced there, submit a bug report to

Don't forget to attache log from **Help | Show Log in...**

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Thanks, I think this may turned out to have been an installation problem.  Due to my installation process, /opt/pycharm/jbr/bin/* wasn't executable.  Changing that resolved the issue.

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I experience that same bug in IntelliJ 2019.3 under Linux.

Same behavior: when right-clicking on any folder/package in the Project-View and then clicking on "new -> folder/package/file,...", the appearing dialog does not get the focus. When using the hotkey (Alt+Ins) it works as expected.


Created an IntelliJ issue here:


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