PyCharm remote interpreter doesn't sync .pyi files to local remote_storage


Hello, I have a problem with remote interpreter in PyCharm.

I have a conda environment in a remote Ubuntu server, and I configure everything according to the documentation.

The remote environment works well - except some falsify "cannot find reference" inspection warnings in my code.

These warnings have no affect on code execution but they are quite annoying. Since most of the warnings are related to PyTorch, so I make another local environment with same packages as the remote one, and the warning disappeared.

Further inspections shows that the remote storage doesn't sync.pyi files from the server side.

After manually link the local storage to the remote environment and sync all *.pyi files in PyTorch, the warnings disappeared, so I guess it just a sync problem. My question is: Is there any setting to automatically perform sync for *.pyi files, or manually mapping the path is the only solution?

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Hi, which PyCharm version are you using? I think this got fixed already. Could you provide a false positive unresolved reference import example?


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