PyCharm locks my Activer Directory (LDAP) account.


Since I changed my Active Directory (LDAP) password, whenever I start PyCharm (and wait few minutes, sometimes longer) it locks my AD account (corporate policy is to lock it after 5 tries). How can I fix it? Is there a place where PyCharm stores my old AD password and login? I'd like to remove it - how do I do it?

I was using PyCharm for long time and it is the first time it behaves in this way. Maybe it's a bug in latest version of PyCharm?

What I tried so far (with no avail):

  • removing ~/.PyCharm* directories


I use:

os: Linux Mint
PyCharm 2019.3 (Professional Edition)
Build #PY-193.5233.109, built on November 28, 2019

Thank you for help.


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Do you have LDAP Browser plugin by any chance? (

Can you provide logs after reproducing the issue?

[IDE logs](

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I don't have LDAP Browser plugin and have never installed it.

How should I send you my logs so they are not accessible publicly?


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I just downgraded PyCharm to 2019.2.5 and the problem disappeared completely! My AD account is still NOT locked (not even 1 bad password attempt)...


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