IDEs incorrectly presume macOS in "Dark Mode"...


I'm seeing a problem with basically ALL JetBrains IDE-based apps (EAP 2019.3): AppCode, DataGrip, PyCharm, CLion, IntelliJ, etc.  The OS file dialogs present with the JetBrains-added portion showing light-text-on-dark, while the rest of the dialog is 10.13.6-normal "dark-on-light" color, which renders ALL text in the OS dialog unreadable (though colored icons appear fine).

Digging into it further GUI-wise, it appears that for whatever reason, the IDE is presuming that even older macOSes can support "Dark Mode" and thus changing it's palette accordingly for the dialog -- which'd be great, but 10.13 (and prior) DON'T support "Dark Mode" and for them the dialogs' text (file names, properties, etc) all appear as white-on-white, unreadable.  Screen capture of problem attached:

MacPro5,1 (Mid-2012) 2x 2.4GHz 12c/24t; macOS 10.13.6; 32GB RAM

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Just to clarify, this is occurring when JetBrains IDEs are set in their "Dark Mode" (light-on-dark color themes).

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Further, whether macOS 10.13.6 General pref for "Dark menu bar and dock" is set on or off has no effect, the OS file dialogs look the same regardless.  Even if I disable DefaultFolderX, it has zero impact on the coloration used by the IDEs for the OS file dialogs, as long as they are using light-on-dark themes, the OS file dialog text is show as "white-on-white".  Fix or workaround needed ASAP, as changing to dark-on-light theme for app gives me eyestrain while working (and is only thing that yields readable OS file dialogs with JetBrains IDE apps on 10.13.6 for me right now).


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Hey, man, I'm having the same problem, which makes me confused and I have to use a white theme.

MacOS: 10.13.6
IDEA: 2019.3

In addition, I noticed that after version 2019.3, the [Use dark window headers] was canceled. Can this be restored?
Because of the dark title bar, this doesn't work well on lower versions of macOS.


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This problem has been fixed:

We plan to deliver the fix as soon as possible (likely in version 2019.3.1).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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